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Our Team

Sununt Pitzer

Founder & General Manager

Sununt Pitzer is the founder and Senior Managing Officer of PCGI. She is an experienced executive who has owned and operated a number of successful small businesses in the United States and Thailand. Sununt has provided guidance and leadership to Creative Corrections L.L.C. since its inception in 2002. Sununt brings to her role a broad wealth of knowledge and vision which has led to the company’s success and advancement, which is now recognized worldwide and highly respected as a front runner in the industry of corrections management consulting.


Percy H. Pitzer

General Manager

Percy H. Pitzer is a Founder and Managing Officer of PCGI. Percy has over 40 years of correctional management experience and has served as a Senior Warden at Minimum, Medium, and High-security level facilities. He also served as a Warden in the private sector, where he is credited with implementing a number of innovative and advanced prison reform programs. These reform programs are still being utilized by many correctional facilities today, in both the private and public sectors. Percy has earned national awards in community service and cost reduction. He has a comprehensive knowledge of international, federal, state, and private detention/correctional operations management.

Jeanine Hadnot

Jeanine Hadnot currently manages the affairs of the company. Jeanine has worked with PCGI since its inception and has played an integral role in developing and generating business in the local, state, and federal arenas. Jeanine has 10 years of experience in corrections management with the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, a degree in business management, and over 5 years of experience providing oversight to a juvenile residential treatment facility.

Gilbert Schmelzinger
Executive Director, Business Development

Gilbert Schmelzinger is a knowledgeable professional with over 25 years of Federal Law Enforcement experience, possessing expertise in all levels of global Federal Law Enforcement Programs and Operations, Program and Policy Development, Review and Implementation, Negotiations, complex Data Analysis, Internal Security, and Insider Threats, Money Laundering and Asset Forfeiture. He possesses a Criminal Justice degree from Buffalo State College and has attended the Border Patrol Academy. Gilbert has held senior positions within the Department of Homeland Security and most recently, the Department of Defense and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Carrie Johnson
Business Development

Since 1997, Carrie has worked for internationally recognized companies, serving in various capacities from Marketing & Business Development to Financial/Cost Analysis. Ms. Johnson is a knowledgeable professional possessing expertise in many levels of contract compliance, complex data analysis, establishing strategic relationships and developing project-related proposals and cost analysis. Carrie has held positions within the Conveyance and Petrochemical/Oil & Gas industries where she honed her skills to utilize and apply contractual knowledge to the projects and proposals she helps to develop and manage here at PCGI. She possesses a Computer Science Degree and is currently officed at our Corporate Office in Beaumont, TX. Her primary focus is the development of new business within local, state, and federal governments.